Kettlercise Combat MX

Kettlercise Combat MX

We offer over 80+ group exercise classes a week across all of our facilities. Each one of them aims to motivate you to move more, feel better, train harder and ultimately look better.
This month we bring you Kettlercise Combat MX class – check out what the class has to offer;
What is Kettlercise Combat MX?
This class is a high energy mix of kettlebell exercises and dynamic combat movement inspired from the world of Martial Arts.

Split into ‘8 zones’ this class offers a full body workout, including traditional kettlebell exercises for upper and lower body, combat core and a high energy combat round using kicks, punches, elbows.

It has everything but most importantly its fun and you’ll be sure to burn calories, and lots of them!

Intensity level: Medium / High

Where: Llanelli Leisure Centre

When: Wednesdays 6.45am and Saturdays 9.00am

Book online here or alternatively call Llanelli Leisure Centre on 01554 774757

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