LF Connect

LF Connect

We’re providing innovation in the way you enjoy the benefits of health and fitness in 2017. All our Brand new cardio equipment comes with the innovative LF Connect Fitness App, designed to help you make the most of your gym visits.

  • Create your own personal workouts and get sent personalized workouts by our Actif Fitness professionals based on your goals
  • Record outdoor activities via GPS such as walking, running, and even cycling and replay this on the discover console.
  • Track your progress.
  • Share your workouts/results with friends.
  • Join one of our 10 “Groups” from Health to Performance. 

Get ahead of the competition, personalize your gym experience and download the FREE LF Connect iPhone or Android app NOW.

Connect with Actif Fitness in a whole new way - start personalising and enhancing your gym experience in 2017.

For more information click here (Link to web page, text sent to translation for the Web page, once received will be forwarded onto Chris Faulkner, LF Connect tab will be added to Actif Fitness section of website). 

Why wait, sign up to LF Connect today.