Synrgy @ Carmarthen Leisure Centre

Synrgy @ Carmarthen Leisure Centre

Engage the family in a fantastic, instructor lead session within our SYNRGY 360 room! This room is purpose built to create and deliver a workout atmosphere like no other!

Within this fun, exciting and energetic environment there is no better way to challenge the whole family to take part in exercise where our highly qualified instructors are sure to put you through your paces.

The exercises can be adapted to cater for the younger members of the family while still allowing them to be challenging for both children and adults. By using almost limitless training options, optional attachments and dynamic training resources we will ensure that the SYNRGY 360 experience is about more than a routine workout.
The ground breaking concept provides opportunities to offer dynamic and exciting small group training to anyone.

This room comes with its own sound system and lighting that are guaranteed to lift your spirits and inspire you to exercise!

We also have discounted prices for our members as well as offering the Synrgy bolt on membership to any direct debit which would allow you to participate in any of our 17 classes held per week.

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