Virtual Spin @ Carmarthen Leisure Centre

Virtual Spin @ Carmarthen Leisure Centre


You can turn up, get on your chosen bike and be guided through the different terrains following and discovering the eye-catching landscapes on the screen.

Whilst winding down the many roads, paths and tracks you will be challenged through interval and endurance training methods which will be sure to make you work hard and rewarded with rest periods at some of the country’s most beautiful landmarks.

Travel across New Zealand or Canada on a quest to boost your cardio vascular fitness and lower body conditioning. What does this mean for the PAYG and the members, it means more variety and it means that you can spin virtually any time the club is open outside the teacher based Cycling classes.

The remarkable trails are accessible to individuals of all fitness abilities and are sure to give each and every one of you a challenge that you will be keen to try again.

You will be guided through the whole workout experience and leave with a great sense of achievement after a wonderful session!