New Junior Term Timetables

New Junior Term Timetables

Welcome to the Carmarthenshire Leisure May Newsletter...

Get Summer Ready!


Do you do the same exercise routine every week and feel like you’re not getting anywhere? It doesn’t have to be that way. We are here to help you every step of your fitness journey.

  1. Ask for help!

Discuss your fitness goals with an instructor. You may not have spoken to an instructor since your induction so it may be an idea to book in a ½ hour session with them to re-visit your fitness goals. So if you want to tackle a 5K challenge or find out more about strength training, the instructors are on hand to offer you fitness advice tailored to your goals.

  1. Change your intensity

If you feel like your workouts aren’t challenging anymore how about gradually increasing the intensity.  So, if you are taking 60 seconds rest between sets, drop the rest period. Or run / walk at a faster pace than you’ve done before. But remember to keep good form so you don’t get injured.


You can also get good weekly tips on sprucing up your workout through our LF Connect App. Not on LF Connect? Ask a fitness instructor how to sign up on your next visit.

  1. Try a group exercise class

Led by an experienced instructor they will help you get back on track in a group environment. Learn new workouts that will help you lose weight and tone up.  Plus enjoy the social aspect of meeting new people who you can share your fitness experiences, workout tips, and nutritional advice. Have a look at the fitness classes we offer here.

  1. Bring a Friend

They will help you stay motivated. Scheduling a gym session with a friend helps hold you accountable and not only does meeting your friend at the gym motivate you to show up but you will probably work harder when you get there. 

Training with a friend may introduce you to new things like strength training or group exercise classes, something which may be daunting on your own but with a friend it’ll make it easier.

  1. Try swimming

Swimming is an excellent activity to add into your weekly workout. Swimming is low impact on your joints, but it’s highly effective for a whole body workout.


If you’re not a swimmer or looking to improve we have adult swimming lessons to help you build your confidence giving you more reason to take a dip.


Not a member?

We have arrange of fantastic memberships starting from &25 a month for Gym, Swim and Fitness classes. Join online here.

New Junior Term Timetables


During term time you can find plenty of fun sports and activities to keep the little ones fit and active across all our leisure centres.

The activities that we offer for children aged 2-16yrs include Balance Bikes, Junior Hockey, Netball, Rugby Yoga, Badminton and Table tennis plus more!

The NEW term time sessions run from Monday 5 June – Friday 21 July 2017.

Check out the timetables below;

Ammanford Leisure Centre

Carmarthen Leisure Centre

Llanelli Leisure Centre

Newcastle Emlyn Leisure Centre

Well done to our FAST swimmers!

The names from the left are; Mark Davies, Kathryn Sweetman, Richard Selwood, James Oulsnam, Jon Folkes, Lee Summers, Jonathan Summers, Dayton Hughes and Josh Chapman (the member of staff who takes FAST)

A BIG well done to our FAST swimmers (pictured above) from Ammanford Leisure Centre who completed the Amman Valley Sprint triathlon back in April and have competed in many other competitions since.

Through the FAST sessions, these members have gone to great lengths to improve their swimming;

  • James started in our adult swimming lessons before progressing to FAST sessions which he now attends regularly.
  • Jon, Richard and Simon could only swim 25 metres and would have to stop for a rest when they first attended the sessions in November, they too attend the sessions regular.

FAST sessions are ideal for those who are competing for the Masters, triathlons or Ironman events. The sessions give swimmers support and guidance on improving their swimming skills and techniques so they perform the best they can in their competitions.

The swimming improvements among these members has been remarkable.

The whole group have also succeeded by competing in the open water sponsored charity swim in North Dock beginning of May, swimming a total of 1,500 metres. They also competed in the Llanelli triathlon and they are already looking for the next challenge. A big well done to all of them!

Have they inspired you?

If you are looking to improve your swimming techniques, the FAST sessions could be for you.  The swimming sessions take place in 4 of our swimming pools; Carmarthen, Llanelli, and Ammanford Leisure Centres and Llandovery Swimming Pool.

FAST membership can also be purchased as a ‘bolt on’ to your current membership.

If you are not a member you can also attend these sessions on a pay as you go basis at &5.50 per session.

To find out more about when these sessions take place, click here.

Become a member? Click here to find out more about our membership options.

Nominate a Sports Star

The search is on for Carmarthenshire’s Sports Star of the Year.

We are proud to sponsor the category of Sport Star of the Year in this year’s Radio Carmarthenshire Local Hero Awards.

Do you know an individual who has demonstrated great achievement in their sport at school, local, national or international level? If you do, nominate them and who knows they may be recognised as a winner in the glitzy award ceremony in July.

Nominations can be done online by clicking here.

For more information about the awards please visit

Virtual Classes

You won’t need to skip a spin class again because our virtual spin class enables you to train when it’s convenient for you.*

There are no scheduled virtual class timetable meaning you can turn up any time and take part**

Classes are either 35 minutes or 55 minutes and start on the hour.

Worried that you won’t push yourself? Worry not, you will be guided through the whole workout, experiencing a variety of different cycling terrains and eye catching landscapes from around the world.  Whatever your fitness level the voice-over coaching will challenge you to keep pedalling boosting your cardiovascular fitness.

The virtual spin class is also great for those who may not be confident in going into an instructor led spin class.

The many benefits of Spin;

  • Burn Calories and lots of them!
  • Improve your Cardio for a healthy Heart
  • Set your own pace
  • Build muscle tone
  • Strengthen your core
  • Low impact exercise

How to book a virtual spin class?

Contact Carmarthen Leisure Centre on 01267 224700, alternatively you can turn up and book on arrival.

Virtual spin classes start on the hour during opening hours of the centre, please be aware they are not available during instructor led Spin classes; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7am and Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5.30pm.


If you are a member and have access to fitness classes the virtual spin classes are part of your membership.

Not a member you can pay as you go at &5.50 per session or become a member by clicking here.

* only available at Carmarthen Leisure Centre

**not available during instructor led SPIN classes; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7am and Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5.30pm.

Actif Story Time Sessions

Actif Storytime sessions are about getting children aged 2-6 yrs active, increasing their basic fundamental skills (agility, balance and coordination) from a young age through story time.

It’s about bringing stories alive through fun and games.

These sessions give parents / guardians an opportunity to learn together and have fun!

Why is it important?

It gives children a chance to become confident and motivated from a young age to take part in physical activity.

It’s an opportunity for children to learn and develop basic skills that are needed to play sport and these sessions also help develop social skills, problem solving, language, literacy, numeracy and teamwork.

How can you get involved?

Sessions take place in your local leisure centre, libraries and family centres.

  • Carmarthen Leisure Centre – Mondays (during term time), 10.30am – 11.15am in the soft play area. Free session.
  • Carmarthenshire Libraries run weekly sessions – follow them on facebook to keep an eye out for these sessions.

You can also pop down to your local library and loan a parental pack which includes a book and a bag of equipment, encouraging your child to be active in and around the home.

For more information please email

You can also follow us on facebook and Twitter.

Class of the month: Bootcamp

We offer over 80+ group exercise classes a week across all of our facilities. Each one of them aims to motivate you to move more, feel better, train harder and ultimately look better.
This month we bring you Bootcamp – check out what the class has to offer;

What is Bootcamp?

Smash your fitness goals with a Bootcamp class!

This is a high energy interval class that combines bodyweight exercises with cardio, plyometrics and strength training.

With its circuits based nature the class is designed to be different ever session, so you’ll never get bored.

If you want to get fitter, burn fat and tone up this class is for you as the instructor will put you through your paces and push you to your limits each time!


Intensity level: High



Carmarthen Leisure Centre - Saturdays 10.30am

Llanelli Leisure Centre - Tuesdays 6.45am and Wednesdays 6.00pm

Amman Valley Leisure Centre - Thursdays 6.45am and Saturdays 10.00am

Newcastle Emlyn Leisure Centre - Tuesdays 6pm

Check out the fitness timetable here.

Did you know? You can book your classes’ online but make sure to go through reception or the kiosks to pick up your class receipt.