Born to run: Take part in Carmarthenshire’s newest Parkrun routes

Born to run: Take part in Carmarthenshire’s newest Parkrun routes

Welcome to the Carmarthenshire Leisure August Newsletter...

Actif Club fun continues

Join us throughout the Summer holidays for Actif Club.  Every day is jam packed full of fun and inclusive activities for children aged 8-12 years across all our fantastic facilities.

The Actif Club is a great way for your child to keep active, try new activities and sports, have lots and lots of fun and make new friends.

Actif Club runs daily Monday – Friday (except bank holidays) from 8.30am – 5pm in each of our leisure centres.

Click on the Leisure centre nearest to you or phone to find out more;

Carmarthen Leisure Centre – 01267 224700

Ammanford Leisure Centre – 01269 594517

Llanelli Leisure Centre – 01554 774757

St Clears Leisure Centre – 01267 224778

Newcastle Emlyn Leisure Centre – 01267 224731

Pre-season training for your sports club

Has your club tried out the Synrgy 360 rig at Carmarthen Leisure Centre?

Synrgy 360 is a group training system that can offer your club limitless opportunities to train smarter, better and more effectively.

The variety and versatility of each class means that repetition is taken out so it keeps workouts fresh and fun week in week out.

We currently run 17 of Synrgy classes a week and the Synrgy rig is also available for club bookings too.

Alternative training programme

Synrgy 360 is ideal if you’re looking for an alternative training programme for your sports clubs.

It will provide your team members with a total body workout that will compliment your sport by getting them fitter, stronger and leaner ideal for pre-season and during the season.

The 30 minute high intensity circuit style workout with battle ropes, burpees, TRX suspension straps, medicine ball rebounds and more will offer a high energy, motivating environment for your team members whatever their fitness levels. 


Club Bookings: &50 per hour. 

Not a Sports club?

If you’re looking to find out more about Synrgy we have fantastic membership offers that you can ‘bolt on’ as part of your core membership;

  • Adult ‘bolt on’ membership: &14.10
  • Junior ‘bolt on’ membership: &10.50
  • Synrgy Rig only membership: &21
There are also pay as you go options available also.

Born to run: Take part in Carmarthenshire’s newest Parkrun routes

Pictured: Volunteers and keen runners at the Llanelli coast junior parkrun trial

Running is one of the simplest forms of exercise which is free and you can do it anywhere. 

The good thing about running is you can do it as little or as often as you like, meaning you can fit it in around your busy schedule. So, there is no excuse to start running! To get you started why not try a parkrun?

Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km (senior) and 2k (junior) timed runs around the world.

The great thing about them is that they are;

  • Open to everyone
  • Free, and
  • Safe and easy to take part in

They are designed to allow everyone from the age of 4, from all abilities the opportunity to run or walk.  So, it’s great from those taking their first steps in running to the more experienced runners.

Parkruns are very popular with families with many parents running with their kids and for those who have not yet have turned 4 are seen to be pushed along in buggies by keen mums and dads.

How can I take part?

Around the world senior park runs are held at 9am every Saturday morning and juniors at 9am every Sunday morning.  Junior park runs are open to anyone aged between 4 and 14.

There are now 24 senior park runs in Wales and 10 junior park runs.

Carmarthenshire have 4 park runs of its own: 2 Senior 5K runs in Llyn Llech Owain and Llanelli Coast, and 2 Junior 2K runs in Carmarthen and Llanelli Coast.  That’s quite an achievement for a small county!

Start parkrunning this weekend!

If you’re interested in signing up to run at an existing parkrun event, simply log on to, register your details, print your personal barcodes and turn up to run in any park run across the world. 

Dai’s success story – 6 months and 3 stone lighter

Amazing what you can achieve when you have a clear goal that helps motivate you to train. 6 months ago David ventured on the fitness journey and he hasn’t look back since. Keep reading to find out more about how he lost 3 stone in 6 months.


Name: David Thomas
Age: 40

Tell us about your fitness journey and why you chose Actif fitness?

I gave up playing Rugby at the end of 2015, while playing rugby I was motivated to train in order to enable me to play the sport. Once I stopped playing I lost motivation to train, I lost fitness and put on weight.

I chose Actif Sport and Leisure as I found a variety of fitness classes on offer and the family membership to be very cost effective.

Why did you choose the Synrgy classes over our mainstream classes?

I’ve tried most of the fitness classes on offer in Carmarthen and Ammanford Leisure centres. I found that Synrgy classes offer the best match of cardiovascular exercise and strength endurance. This class seemed to help me the most for my weight loss programme.

What are the things you enjoyed most about the Synrgy classes?

Each and every class is different – no two classes are the same. Every exercise can be adapted and made more challenging as your fitness levels and strength improve. The instructors also vary the classes through changing the rest periods and number of sets completed. Sessions generally last for 30 minutes.

How have these classes motivated you towards your goal?

My initial goal was weight loss, I reached my target weight after 4 months of regular classes (and diet), having lost 3 stone in weight within this period. My new goal is to continue to improve my fitness levels and strength endurance.

Synrgy classes take place 3 times a day, every day Monday – Friday and there are also sessions on weekends which is great for me as it allows me to train around work and family commitments.

How have the instructors helped you to stay inspired and push through the challenging classes?

The instructors are very creative looking at ways to change up the exercises. The stations within the classes can be adapted to the individual depending on your fitness / strength levels, so you can make it as challenging as you like!

Would you recommend Synrgy to friends and family?

Yes – a number of my friends have started attending Synrgy, my daughter has also recently started attending after trying the family sessions which are on a Saturday morning.

Carmarthen Squash Club coach gets recognised


Pictured: Chris Barker (left) and Jenny Jones (right)


Jenny Jones from Carmarthen Squash Club and Chris Barker from Pembroke Bush Squash Club were jointly recognised as Coach of the Year in the recent WSRB (Wales Squash and Racket Ball) Awards.  Both coaches were awarded this prestigious award for their dedication in improving squash for juniors within their clubs and local community.

Jenny also received her Welsh representational cap after recently representing Wales in the Masters Home Internationals in Sophia Gardens, Cardiff.

Well done to Jenny Jones, Head Coach at Carmarthen Squash Club.

Interested in playing squash?

Jenny delivers squash coaching every Saturday for ages 7-16 years.

9.30am-10.30am: Introducing beginners to the sport and the rules of the game

10.30am – 12.30pm: This session is ideal for improvers

For more information contact Carmarthen Leisure Centre on 01267 224700.