'Check In' Made Even Easier Again

'Check In' Made Even Easier Again

What’s it all about?

One way of making it easier is by introducing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) items such as buttons and wristbands just tap and beep and you are in, couldn’t be easier!

You can currently use RFID at reception to ‘check in’ rather than using a card or having to remember your membership number. RFID scanners will soon be fitted to most of our self-serve kiosks too so you can just wave your RFID item in front of it and you can then check in.

Some of our lockers will also be activated using RFID so no more having to remember your &1 coin! Simply press your RFID item on the lock to lock it, and repeat to open it. Whilst it is locked, only your RFID will open it (and our master key of course!).

For gym users, the new Life Fitness equipment consoles recognise RFID too, so when you are logged in and scan an RFID item, you will only need to wave your RFID item in front of it in future to log in.

(Please note: We have been advised that RFID buttons should be stuck to the bottom of the backs of iPhones as the Apple Pay device is at the top and they can interfere with each other.)