Learn to Swim with us in Actif

Learn to Swim with us in Actif

‘Turning the Curve on Childhood Obesity in Wales’ Report written by Preventing Childhood Obesity Steering Group, looked at a number of key actions that could be taken to address the current rise in childhood obesity. Did you know that Wales has the highest levels of childhood obesity in the UK, with 34% of children currently classified as overweight or obese, including 19% obese¹. This evidence is startling, however it is preventable. This report believes that one of the changes that can be made in order to reduce the rise in childhood obesity is to get more children participating in sport and becoming hooked on sport.

So how is Actif Aqua helping our young generation become more active more often?

We here at Actif have introduced a new entry level Aquatics programme Splash, which is open to children from 3 months old all the way through to adulthood. One of the main objectives of Actif Aqua is to ensure all children by the age of 11 years of age can swim.

Our Splash programme is the entry for all children wanting to begin their Aquatics journey with us here at Actif. It is suitable for all children from 3 months old and above. These sessions are provided with a teacher on pool side with a support teacher in the water who will help encourage and guide your child safely through the water. It offers one session a week which helps to form a habit of a life time by families exercising regularly. Why not take up the offer of Free Swimming at weekends, where children go free.

To find out more about what Actif Aqua has to offer click here.

¹Welsh Government Social Research (2013) Welsh Health Survey, 2012. Available online http://wales.gov.uk/topics/statistics/theme/health/health-survey/results/?lang=en