Virtual Spin in Newcastle Emlyn and St Clears Leisure Centres

Virtual Spin in Newcastle Emlyn and St Clears Leisure Centres


Introducing Virtual Spin at Newcastle Emlyn and St Clears Leisure Centres.   

You can now try spin outside of the instructor led classes at a time which may be more convenient for you. 

Classes are 35 minutes or 55 minutes and start at the hour*

Worried that you won’t push yourself? Worry not, you will be guided through the whole workout, experiencing a variety of different cycling terrains and eye catching landscapes from around the world.  Whatever your fitness level the voice-over coaching will challenge you to keep pedalling boosting your cardiovascular fitness.

Newcastle Emlyn Leisure Centre

Sessions run;

  • Tuesdays 5pm, 6pm, 7pm
  • Thursday 9.30am and 4pm
  • Friday 9.30am and 6pm

St Clears Leisure Centre

Sessions run;

  • Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday 9am – 9pm

Spin classes also take place in Carmarthen Leisure Centre also at the start of the hour during opening hours of the centre.  Not available during instructor led sessions – check timetable for times.

How to book a virtual spin class?

Contact the centres direct;

St Clears Leisure Centre 01267 224778

Newcastle Emlyn Leisure Centre 01267 224731

Carmarthen Leisure Centre 01267 224700


If you are a member and have access to fitness classes the virtual spin classes are part of your membership.

Not a member? You can pay as you go at &5.50 per session or check out our membership options here