NEW! Swimming timetables

NEW! Swimming timetables

Whether you are swimming for fun or fitness our Actif Swimming pools offer a great experience for all the family.

Take a look at our new term time swimming timetable here, starting from 1st May.

Not swimming already why not? We offer a range of lessons for babies all the way through to adults.  And you don’t need to wait to start swimming, new swimmers can enter the schemes at any point as it’s a continuous assessment. Find out more here.

Already a swimmer? Here are some tips to help you in the pool.

  1. Focus on form

Keep looking at the bottom of the pool, pressing your chest down and keeping head, hips and feet at the surface. If your head and chest are too high your hips will drop and create a drag.

  1. Kick with your core

Kick from the hips, small rhythmic flutters propel you more efficiently than large, flailing kicks.

  1. Don’t waste breath

Don’t gasp for air every time your head is near the surface, try and make each breath count. As your endurance improves, try breathing on alternate sides and remember to roll with it avoid lifting your whole head to breathe.

  1. Don’t count the laps, make every lap count

Each lap is an opportunity to improve whether you concentrate on your stroke, breathing or kick a little faster. Focus on areas you want to improve.

  1. Build a better workout

Upgrade your swim workout by introducing challenges such as intervals not only will it make the session more exciting but it will help you improve on speed, endurance and fitness

Not an Actif member? Become a member and enjoy gym, classes and swimming from as little as &25 a month across all of our 5 Actif Fitness Clubs. Click here to join today!