Every child should learn to swim

Every child should learn to swim

Learning to swim is a skill that once learnt at an early age is rarely forgotten and it’s available to people of all ages.

There are many reasons why your child should learn to swim, one of the most important reason being that learning to swim is an essential life-saving skill that may save their life one day.

And keeping up swimming lessons over the summer is beneficial not only for your child but for you as a parent too. Why?

  1. Essential for their safety

Making sure that your child is comfortable in and around water is essential for their safety. Learning to swim at a young age and attending regular swimming lessons will help them when you do go on your summer holiday.  Swimming is a life-skill and something that they will retain for their entire life.

  1. Maintain progress

Summer is a busy time for the family, but maintaining the progress that your child has gained is key.  The last thing you want is that when they start back after the summer holidays is that they have gone back a level.  Remember swimming is a life skill you want them to gain.

  1. Keep developing

Attending regular lessons means that they continue to get stronger and grow as a swimmer.  And who knows after the summer they may have progressed to the next level.

  1. Stick to the routine

You already have dedicated swimming lesson days, so by sticking to the routine that way you’re not stuck for things to do with the children.  6 weeks is a long time and can be difficult to keep them entertained. Bring them to their usual swimming lesson while you chill out in the coffee shop and catch up with friends.   

  1. Opens doors to other activities

The ability to learn to swim open doors for your child such as attending a swimming club and competing competitively or opens doors to other swimming related activities like diving, synchronised swimming, water polo, diving, canoeing, or  Rookie Lifeguard.

  1. Fun and enjoyment!

Most importantly swimming is FUN! Many children take pleasure in splashing around in water and if they have the ability to swim confidently it’s a great opportunity for you to spend quality time with them.  Enjoy our family swimming sessions, click here

Our Learn to Swim programme runs for 48 weeks of the year.  To find out more about the programme click here