NEW Junior Multi sport programmes launch soon and set to be the first in Wales!

NEW Junior Multi sport programmes launch soon and set to be the first in Wales!

We are super excited about our new Junior Sports programmes which are launching soon!

The NEW Junior programmes will include Skills for Sport and Multi-sport programmes which are set to start your kids off on their journey to being Actif!

These new programmes will help children;

  • Learn ‘FUN’damental physical skills
  • Develop confidence and decision making
  • Stay healthy and
  • Have fun and make new friends

The emphasis of the programmes is about children learning and mastering sports skills at their own pace to help them further develop and play a sport of their choice.  All children learn and develop at different rates and our programmes recognise this, which is why it’s all about the ‘stage and not the age’.

Let’s find out more about the programmes

Skills for Sport Passport


During our Skills for Sportpassport children will learn and improve fundamental movement skills, like balancing, jumping, throwing and catching so they all have the basic skills they need to go on to play any sport.


At the beginning of the programme, each child will receive a passport so they can track their progress and there will be plenty of stamps and stickers along the way!  After completing Skills for Sport they can then choose one of our Multi-sport programmes where they will continue to learn skills to play a specific sport. 

Multi-Sport Passport Programmes


After completing the Skills for Sport passport children will then move onto one of our Multi-Sport Passport programmes where they will learn and improve sport specific skills.


The Sports passports we will be rolling out soon will be Mini Netball, Mini Hockey and Mini Cycling.

Each sport passport has 3 stages (red, amber and green), at each stage children will learn and master different skills. 


On completing the passport, children will be ready to play their chosen sport in a community sports club where they will continue to learn their sport on a local / national or international level.


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