Baby Let's Move

Baby Let's Move

The scheme known as ‘Baby Let’s Move’ provides a 16-week physical activity programme to help support expectant mothers (over 16 years of age) maintain a healthy weight throughout pregnancy.

There are many benefits of Baby Let’s Move including;

• Better control of weight gain during pregnancy
• Enhances mood and self-esteem
• Improves sleep and circulation
• Cope better with labour and delivery
• Meet new people and share your experiences

How can I get referred to the exercise referral scheme?

You will need to make an appointment with your midwife. If you are suitable for the scheme the midwife will then complete a referral form.

What happens once you have been referred?

You will be asked to attend an initial consultation at a time that’s convenient for you at Carmarthen, Llanelli or Ammanford Leisure Centre. The consultation will consist of an introduction to the scheme, tour of the leisure centre and health assessment.

Will I be exercising alone and how often do I attend the referral classes?

You will be exercising with others in a friendly environment in group-based sessions throughout the 16-week programme. Those who are referred will be encouraged to attend two sessions a week.

What are the costs involved?
The sessions are FREE!

For more information regarding the scheme please contact your midwife or alternatively;
Simon Davies, Activity Co-ordinator on 01269 590266
Helen James, Midwife in Carmarthenshire on 07970 814694